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Kerri Jonquil

Kerri Jonquil is a captivating performer whose art is informed by many years of aerial acrobatics training, contemporary dance, gymnastics and physical theater. In 2012 she graduated from the renowned New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) Professional Training Program. Kerri now teaches full time in Portland, OR at Night Flight Aerial, and performs throughout the country with various circus and theater companies. While Kerri embodies the inherent grace of her studies, she strives to equally showcase playfulness and comedy in her performances. Flophaus Productions has been her comedic home since its inception, and serves as a valuable reminder to check the ego and instead revel in the joy of farce and absurdity.

Sirk Manios 

If you were to take a shark and cross it with a squirrel you would get something weird. However that would be exactly the right description for Sirk. Self trained in the art of physical comedy and prop manipulation gave him the ability to constantly attempt to pa-diddle any and all inanimate objects. Throughout the years Sirk has created and co-created multiple projects from the likes of the high flying dare deviling "Earth DescenDance". Father and daughter duo "Free Pile Sirkus". Dropping it like its hot with "The GreyMatter Jugglers" and bringing sexy back with "DubeleVay". Sirk is living proof that old dogs can learn new tricks!

Raygun Snowplow

Northwest vaudeville entertainer Raygun Snowplow makes her name as a comedy illusionist, slapstick comedienne, object manipulator, and writer/host of Live Inappropriate Infomercials. Whether flying solo in the late night entertainment scene, or teaming up with her partner, Sirk, as one half of the up and coming juggling-comedy duo Dubelevay, or even spinning fire with Cinder Circus, Raygun is known to tour the West Coast and beyond with elaborate props, a bawdy sense of humor, and a penchant for making silliness sizzle.

Roseena Dawn Eclipse Robinson

Roseena is a professional choreographer, actress, Feldenkrais Practitioner, psychic medium and mother of two. She has danced with Pacific Dance Ensemble, Lane Community College dance company and at several busking sites in Croatia, Japan, and Belgium.  

Roseena is both a stage and film actress and performs with TeatroMundo Shakespeare Company and Red Octopus theater company. She has performed in a handful of short films, including Almost Musical by MixedTapeKids. She is also a director for The Oregon Coast Council for the Arts summer theater camp. 

In addition to all her performance skills, she also read minds.. yes she is reading your mind right now. She knows you're thinking about cheetos

Find her in Eugene, Oregon for projects. Ig: @roseena19

Anthony McCarthy is elated to be working with the Flophaus and Festival the Show crew. Most of whom he met in his hometown of Eugene, Oregon. Since then he has moved up to Portland to pursue more acting, music and comedy and to be nearer to the strip clubs! Since then he has worked with Broadway Rose Theater in GYPSY, has appeared in Funhouse Lounge’s BUFFY THE MUSICAL and has attended numerous evenings playing poker and watching babes at LUCKY DEVIL LOUNGE. Anthony is also a singer-songwriter, composer. When he is not doing theater, you can catch him playing music at The BRONX BAR on any given weekend. He also considers himself a frequent traveler and armature documenter and editor of his adventures, posting them to Youtube as his “Video Tour Journals”. #gimmeatravelshow. Anthony would also like to state that he has the best hair of the entire Flophaus Cast. His motto is “If you can wish it, you can dream it.”

Anthony McCarthy
Adam Doyle 
Lacy Todd

Native Oregonian Lacy Todd, spent her youth attending theater camps, performing in a traveling improv group, starring in school plays and playing dress-up. As an adult, she brings her youthful enthusiasm to all she does. When approaching new projects, Lacy pulls from her myriad experiences in the performance world, including her time spent as a writer and ensemble member of The Pinup Squirrels, a New York City-based sketch group; her training and performance creation at the New England Center for Circus Arts (she studied and created acts in Physical Theater and Chinese Pole); her experience working as 2nd AD on film sets; and her background directing and stage managing circus and theater shows.​

Lacy studied long-form improv at The Upright Citizens Brigade, Storytelling at The Story Studio, Writing for TV at Gotham Writers, and video production and editing at Open Signal/Portland Public Media.

Adam Doyle, a native of New Jersey, is grateful to have been raised by parents who supported his artistic nature. At a young age he began drumming and training in the theatre arts. As a hip-hop emcee and percussionist for various musical groups he has played over 150 shows in the Pacific Northwest. In 2009 Adam discovered a love for post modern dance. Since then he has trained and performed professionally for several dance companies and projects on the west coast. He plans on continuing his training in order to more clearly express his truth to audiences.

Perhaps his deepest and oldest passion however, is the act of making people laugh. From writing scripts for film and the stage to playing and performing, the process of facilitating laughter is his true calling.

Anneke Wisner is a Portland based actor and improviser, who hails from a small town on the Oregon Coast. She has been active in theater and improv from a very young age, and has most recently transitioned her primary focus to film, comedy and improvisational theater over the past 3 years. You may have spotted Anneke as a Guest Star in the locally shot NBC show “Grimm” (Season 2, Episode 10), watched her play the role of a pregnant stripper in Esme Patterson’s music video “What do you call a woman?”, caught her on stage in her most recent touring sketch comedy show, “Festival the Show”, or around town at various improv stages in her Long Form, all female Improv troupe, Mom Jeans.

Anneke Wisner
Ethan Zirin-Brown 

 Ethan Zirin-Brown aka "eZeL" is a producer, performer, composer, and musician born and bred in the fantastic gloom of the Oregon Coast. After 10 years of teaching theater, improv and then film at the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts, he decided to take a breather from youth mentoring and focus on his own comedy.  When he is not writing and producing sketch comedy he may be found in his dungeon composing dancy beats for his latest electro vaudeville project, Sepiatonic.  He even sometimes backs up his comedic genius diva sister, Lady Rizo in her mission to seduce the world.  A degree in architectural design from the University of Oregon, a lifetime of theatrical experience and a background in music performance and production have given EZB the skills and the passion to cut new trails into the world of comedy, film and theater production.

Making people laugh is one of Phil Woods greatest joys. There is no time of day that Phil doesn't "Phil" with a joke. Master of puns, one-liners and family-friendly jokes, he is always ready to get up and do a set. You can find Phil performing stand-up in various bars across Portland and Eugene or on his one-man, portable stage set-up. In addition to making people laugh, Phil also enjoys making people food. Ready at any event with his portable kitchen, you can find Phil grilling up some Chilaquiles while making the people have a funny time. 


Phil Wood
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