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How to Break Up

Directed by:  Ethan Zirin-Brown 

Written by:  Ethan Zirin-Brown & Phil Wood

Starring:  Lacy Todd & Nathan Beard

Genre:  Comedy Short

Release Date:  TBA

Runtime:  4:51


Its not always easy to deliver the bad news to the person you are dating. Sometimes you end up talking yourself in circles. 

Created by:  Ethan Zirin-Brown, Lacy Todd, Adam Doyle, Phil Wood & Anneke Wisner

Genre:  Sketch Comedy


Festival the Show is a hilarious and pertinent sketch comedy series and  live touring show that satirizes, entertains, & educates the festival inclined. With catchy original show tunes, elaborate costumes, larger than life props, and high flying acts this show is non-stop entertainment. The creators have recruited a multitalented performance ensemble to take you on a cleverly constructed ride that will take festival goers through the depths of spiritual awakenings, awkward interactions in the sauna, the grief of setting up camp and so much more.  The Festival the Show ensemble will be performing live at music, art and culture festivals across the U.S. for the 2016 season! 


Watch an episode here and stay tuned for live performances at a festival near near you. 

Festival The Show 

Directors:  Ethan Zirin-Brown

Written by and Starring:  Ethan Zirin-Brown, Lacy Todd, Adam Doyle, Nathan Beard, Devin Robinson,                                                                                Anneke Wisner, Isai Dale & Leighton Blackwell     

Genre:  Mockumentary

Release Date: TBA 


Watch out Werner Herzogg!  This multi part mockumentary explores the mysterious PEN 15 crew, and their struggle to navigate the dangerous world of street art.  Faced with fierce authoritative opposition as well as critical acclaim, these humble graffiti artists strive to "get up" while also trying to keep their leader's identity a secret.

Pen15: The Movement 
Our Blouse

 Directed by: Lacy Todd & Kristen Mico

Written by:  Phil Wood, Lacy Todd & Ethan Zirin-Brown  

Starring:  Phil Wood & Anneke Wisner

Genre:  Comedy Short

Release Date: TBA


When a young couple discovers a flattering unisex blouse at a thrift store they never imagined the journey it would take them on. Exploring the struggles of sharing, the perils of greed and power of love in your 20s this comedy will make you never trust your loved ones again.

Written by and Starring:  Ethan Zirin-Brown, Adam Doyle, Nathan Beard

Genre: Life Hack Video Parody

Release Date: TBA 


Tired of struggling at home using ordinary tools and techniques to do everyday activities? Well, have we got some life hacks for you.  Hack Nicholsen, Hacklemore and Kevin have lots of pro life tips, tricks and hacks to help you cut those corners and safe precious time.  They can hack anything....except computers.  Lights...Camera...Hacktion! 

Hack to the Future
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