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Created by:  Ethan Zirin-Brown, Lacy Todd, Adam Doyle, Phil Wood & Anneke Wisner

Genre:  Sketch Comedy


Festival the Show is a hilarious and pertinent sketch comedy series and  live touring show that satirizes, entertains, & educates the festival inclined. With catchy original show tunes, elaborate costumes, larger than life props, and high flying acts this show delivers non-stop entertainment. The creators have recruited a multitalented performance ensemble to take you on a cleverly constructed ride that will take festival goers through the depths of spiritual awakenings, awkward interactions in the sauna, the grief of setting up camp and so much more.  The Festival the Show ensemble will be performing live at music, art and culture festivals across the U.S. for the 2016 season!




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Festival The Show 

About Festival the Show LIVE:

Festival the Show (LIVE) is a one hour satirical sketch comedy experience. The show comments on festival culture and its counter-culture to pop-culture trajectory. 

Through various mediums including sketch comedy, physical theatre, guerrilla theatre, music, dance, and circus arts they bring light to the unique phenomena and characters that exists within this amazing subculture.


In the summer of 2014 Producers Adam Doyle and Ethan Zirin-Brown decided they would not let each other attend another  summer festival until they made this show.  With the help of fellow producer Lacy Todd they recruited two other writer/performers, Anneke Wisner and Phil Wood, to retreat into the woods and create a high caliber sketch comedy experience.  All the co-creators have been impacted by and involved in festival culture since birth.  From attending, volunteering, running food booths, producing, performing at, creating, and cleaning them up they have all accumulated a lifetime of research and respect regarding the topic.


They strongly believe that attendees are eager to laugh at the recurring situations, characters, and experiences that happen at festivals across the land.  A few scenarios which we’ve included are: The guy who tries to contact improv dance with everyone, the couple that never leaves camp, the ironic beauty of Port-O-Potties, and the person who is offended by every option on the menu.


    The ensemble cast of 10 performers and writers have years of combined professional experience in the fields of live musical instrumentation, music production, dance, circus arts, screen and playwriting, film production, acting, art, illusions and set construction.  Combined, their skills weave a densely entertaining world of “festive” satire.


Here is what people are saying about Festival The Show:


“I left this show needing a moment in my car to breathe because I had not stopped laughing the entire time!”


“I do hope my guttural laughing didn't disturb my neighbors!! That was hilarious! Thank you for such a smart reflection of how ridiculousness elevates ridiculousness. More more!!!”  


“I woke up with a sore belly and face pain. Laughed so hard last night . Brilliant. Can't wait for the next show.”


“I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. You all are incredible. This show is hilarious”


“Fantastic Show! I laughed the whole way through.”


The jury is out folks, FlopHaus Producers have undoubtedly created a gut busting masterpiece.  Honestly, you will not want to miss this show!

Haven't seen FESTIVAL THE SHOW TV yet?  Watch episodes below!!!

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